Music on the Move!

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Music on the Move! allows students to experience an up-close and personal musical performance by one of our small chamber ensembles (woodwind quintet, string quartet, or brass quintet). The ensembles can visit your classroom to engage your students in an educational, interactive, and fun musical conversation.

Performances by Music on the Move! ensembles are roughly 25-30 minutes in length. Each ensemble has its own unique repertoire and presents new themes and concepts each year.

So, even if you’ve seen one of our ensembles in past seasons, it is guaranteed that you will have a new experience!

Your students will engage in discussions and learn about topics such as imagination, emotions, teamwork, concert etiquette, harmony, how musical instruments work, and much more!

The recommended age for participants in this program is elementary school (K-5). Our ensembles plan their programs with this age group in mind. However, the program can be adapted for preschool, middle school, high school groups, and even adult groups.

This program is absolutely FREE. Orchestra Indiana is proud to be able to offer this free educational program to our community thanks to our partnership with Ball State University School of Music and generous grant support from our sponsors.

To schedule a visit, please fill out our visit request form. Contact Dr. James Thompson at 765-216-0970 or to find out more information about Music on the Move!