Know Before You Go

Classical music has a rich history that has lasted for centuries because of its broad appeal to audiences. If you’ve never been to an orchestral performance, perhaps you think it’s all stuffy and formal. Not quite! Yes, it has a formality to it, but it’s far from stuffy. Young and old people enjoy the symphony for a variety of reasons; exposure to the arts, a night out, class credit, making a good impression on a first date or to clients, or entertaining family and friends. Whatever the reason, Orchestra Indiana invites you to join us for a concert you won’t forget.

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Myth: You must get “all dressed up” to attend a concert.
Reality: People enjoy concerts most when they are comfortable. While you are welcome to get all dressed up, most people wear “everyday” clothes, from business casual to jeans. Come in what makes you most comfortable.

Myth: Only the “experts” can truly appreciate symphonic music.
Reality: Music is very personal and may be enjoyed by everyone. While some people choose to study music as a hobby or profession, your opinion is just as important and valid as theirs. The experience of live music is a joy for all.

Myth: Symphony concerts are only for the rich.
Reality: Great music attracts people from all walks of life. Orchestra Indiana’s audience simply enjoys the best music in East Central Indiana. Our audience is diverse and welcoming to all. Find out about upcoming free community concerts.